Because light is a wave it has a way of spreading out (technically: diffracting).

xkcd dating pool rule-6

Almost every woman out there has a story about being harassed by guys who wanted to “just say hello” and who thought that their desire to introduce themselves overrode her right to be left alone.

Who goes from being a stranger to a full-blown creeper in the span of a couple sentences because they won’t take a hint. They will complain that it’s unfair to miss out on missing someone awesome just because some creeper somewhere might have weirded a woman out.

On a sunny day we’re hit by about 10 (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) photons (give or take) every second.

Assuming that a fair fraction of those escape into space, then that number, which seems large, is all that distant aliens have to work with.

“Resolving power” is a measure of the smallest angle that the telescope can reliably detect.

Telephoto lenses need to be large because the amount of light that bounces off of a distant object and that then goes through the lens is fairly small. They need to be long for other, more subtle, reasons.

This is one of the reasons why social calibration is one of the most important parts of getting better at dating; recognizing the times when it is and appropriate to approach women is vital – not just to your dating success but to avoiding being creepy by accident.

One of the keys to social calibration is understanding the cues and context that tell you when a woman is open to being approached and when she isn’t.

Learning how to approach women, strike up a conversation and charming them into being interested in going on a date with you is a difficult – but important – skill to master.

But just as important as it is to be willing to approach women you don’t know, it’s important to know when you approached.

By cleverly networking telescopes together you can make them act like a single large telescope.