Smartypants: No one likes being lectured by a garment.7.

While it may not be a problem for everyone, some men might experience varying degrees of insecurity and inferiority.

It is an unfortunate reality, but whenever people see a very pretty woman with anyone other than a very handsome man, they automatically assume that the man is loaded to the hilt.

However, there are some facts about dating hot women that are highly important to take note of.

Below are 10 of those facts that every guy looking to date attractive women should know.

Self-esteem will suffer greatly as you will start to imagine her not being as interested in you as you initially thought.

Your confidence may take a complete nose dive as you become progressively less attractive to her.

Smokey the Bear: Shows his lack of responsibility by relinquishing all fire-prevention duties to you, and only you.15. Leprechauns: You can't wear green without it turning into a couples-matching thing and ugh, how gross.17.

Popeye the Sailor Man: His enlarged biceps and over-consumption of spinach point to a troubling nutrient surplus.

Sandwich makers: Expects an engagement ring in exchange for making 300 good sandwiches, which is a super-weird barter-and-trade scenario.11. Power-forwards: Less likely you can establish your dominance in the relationship through your preferred method, which is by dunking a basketball in a gymnasium.13. The self-check-out kiosk at a grocery store: Trying to complete the simplest task together ends up with you looking like a dummy who needs third-party assistance.