With the world eagerly anticipating the Prince Harry-Meghan Markle wedding, that other royal couple has temporarily ceded center stage.

And it seems Prince William decided to take advantage of his time away from the spotlight by finally embracing the male pattern baldness that's been colonizing his noggin since the pre-Kate era.

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Paul John Hollywood (born 1 March 1966) is an English celebrity chef, best known for being a judge on The Great British Bake Off.

He began his career at his father's bakery as a teenager and went on to serve as head baker at a number of hotels around Britain and internationally.

Hollywood raced with Andrew Howard, founder of Beechdean Dairies.

The pair qualified second in the Britcar Trophy Championship's first round at Silverstone taking second in class in both races.

He also presented Paul Hollywood's Pies and Puds, a cookery television series on BBC One.

In August 2015 Hollywood was featured on the BBC genealogy documentary series Who Do You Think You Are?Hollywood has also starred in Sadie J, a children’s television programme.In 2013, he presented Paul Hollywood’s Bread on BBC Two, in which he gave advice on recipes for different types of bread; however, also featured on the series were recipes for some cakes such as the Danish pastry.Since the show launched in 2010, Hollywood has been a judge on the BBC programme The Great British Bake Off.In this capacity, he has been described as the "antidote" to judges such as Len Goodman or Simon Cowell in other reality television programmes, on account of his straightforward and honest manner and because his judging is restricted purely to the finished product.The programme revealed that his grandfather Norman Harman, who served in the Army during World War II, saw action in the Tunisia Campaign and at the Battle of Anzio and that his great-great-grandfather, Kenneth Mac Kenzie, had been a policeman in the City of Glasgow Police in the 1850s.