No explanation was ever offered as to why one was found so far away nor what ever became of the other mattress.

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The state argued that Judd acted with pre-meditation, that the relations between the three women had deteriorated over some weeks, and that they had argued over the affections of Jack Halloran.

According to the prosecution, all of this culminated with the murders.

Meanwhile, Judd's brother had dropped his sister off somewhere in Los Angeles where she proceeded to disappear.

Judd hid out until she surrendered to police in a funeral home the following Friday, October 23, 1931.

We have many plans and enthusiasm to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really need your help for this. Winnie Ruth Judd (January 29, 1905 October 23, 1998) was a Phoenix, Arizona medical secretary found guilty of murdering and dismembering two of her friends and stuffing them into travel trunks.

Newspaper coverage and suspicious circumstances; the sentence she received raised debate over capital punishment.

He asked Judd for the key, but she stated she didn't have it with her.

Burton Mc Kinnell, Judd's brother and a junior at the University of Southern California, picked Judd up from the train station unaware of the crime or the bodies.

Flight to Los Angeles Two days after the murders, on Sunday, October 18, Judd boarded the Golden State Limited passenger train from Phoenix's Union Station with the trunks containing the bodies; with her left hand bandaged from a gunshot wound, she traveled overnight to Los Angeles.

Upon arrival at the next morning, the trunks were immediately under suspicion because of the foul odor detected by station personnel as well as fluids escaping from the trunks.

The murder was reported in headlines across the country and Judd came to be referred to in the press as "Tiger Woman" and "The Blonde Butcher".