Bob produced the show She also had a long ffair with Rupert Everett back in the early 80s, He writes all about it in his book. I dont know why the clips are so dodgy in quality."According to Paula, they fucked a half hour after this interview:" Was that the way she conducted all her interviews? I knew the interviews on her show were conducted in a bed, but I had no idea she was so physical with her guests.Was she still married to Geldof during this interview??Some even think he was murdered because of the way he was found. Yates died of a heroin overdose in 2000, leaving behind a bunch of kids, including the one she had with Hutchence.

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At the the time Paula didn't drink or take drugs and I only found out later about Michael's heroin habit.

Their relationship was a strong one, yet Michael couldn't resist other women - and had other lovers in the months before his death.

Many say that she had threatened Hutchence to marry her or she was taking his kid away.

Apparently, she pulled this same stunt the day he was found dead.

So, what's your take on Yates, Hutchence, and Geldof? Does Geldof get on your nerves with his fame whoring? She first met Hutchence doing an interview, and it can be seen on Youtube.

I used to watch her interviews every morning on that show.

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This is the opposite story she gave to investigators.

She was a major drug addict, even attempted to take her life.