Obviously this can’t last, and when she reaches out to Oscar for help, Oscar helps her but fails her at the same time.

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And, (no spoiler), as the title states, his life will be short.

High school was brutal for him, obviously, but that didn’t stop him from falling in love (and making a fool out of himself) with every woman he saw (there was one who seemed to like him, but only until her boyfriend came back from the army).

[: October 31, 2011] The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Apparently it’s pronounced, “Wow”, by the way.

Because of my new job, I don’t have a full hour of lunch-time reading like I used to.

Oscar’s only salvation was fiction–both reading it and writing it.

And he wrote a lot–several hundred pages at a time.

And so this book took considerably longer than I intended.

However, once I set aside some time to read it, I flew through the book.

Without going into a lot of Bolaño here, I’ll just say that Bolaño tends to write very detailed character studies–stories that follow one person throughout his whole life on something of a fruitless quest.