George Lucas is known by many as the Father of Star Wars.

Just as George is one of the world’s leading directors and movie producers, he has one of the most successful independent production companies in the world, Lucasfilm Ltd.

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I bet George and Mellody have several years of love to pour into her.

creator became engaged to Hobson, head of the Chicago-based investment management firm Ariel Investments ltc.

It was during this time that he adopted Katie Lucas.

Fortunately Katie Rose had more than one parent; she is a god-daughter to both Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola.

Interestingly, this ace director was in love with speed and cars and aimed to be a car racer.

Nevertheless, a near death accident forced him to change his mind and with this changed his destiny as well.

Have you ever wondered why Amanda Lucas is named “Powerhouse”? True that Amanda had a role or two as a child but she definitely chose a different path for herself as she grew older.

Since her debut on May 31, 2008, Lucas has had several wins in her Professional Mixed Martial Arts Career hence the name “Powerhouse”. Katie Rose Lucas (daughter, adopted by George Lucas as a single parent) Date of Birth: April 13, 1988 Zodiac Sign: Aries After the divorce between Lucas and Marcia, he became a single parent.

Not just the only child with his present wife, Everest is the only biological child to George Lucas.

Little Hobson is always seen all loved up with her family.

For a man to be a nominee for more than one academy awards is no joke.