What most men don’t realize is that facing the possibility that they are holding onto to the wrong girl and being honest with themselves is far greater than being in an unhealthy relationship.It is quite time consuming and painful to try and float a sinking ship that will inevitably hit the bottom of the ocean.

when is it time to end a dating relationship-35

The path to relationship mastery will be met with many mistakes.

It took Edison 10,000 tries before he figured out the correct way to make a light bulb.

Its best for both people involved to not try and force a relationship that clearly doesn’t work and allow themselves the freedom to search for one that does.

“I’m not for everyone” and wouldn’t want to waste someone else’s time on a fruitless excursion.

They want be superman and rescue their Louis Lane from the perils of pain.

My take on helping others is this: I will help anyone that truly wants to change.

I don’t care how deep or difficult their issues are as long as they try. I won’t help anyone who doesn’t want to try to change themselves.

Trying to save someone who isn’t willing to help themselves is like trying to move a pen with your mind.

The irony is that they are making the same mistake by holding onto the wrong girl. Not wanting to hurt the woman’s feelings Face it, break ups hurt but dragging a bad relationship out will hurt much worse.

Bad relationships come down to incompatibility between two people.

You need someone to make you feel happy or fill that gap inside of yourself.