All "Web Cams" require evidence that the lady is actually interested in corresponding with you.In other words, you must have received at least 2 replies from her to qualify for requesting a Web Cam. We then contact the lady and agree about the time with then send you confirmation on the time and day she can take the call from you. Private meeting with your lady using video chat, it's free to install chat software on your PC.2.

We are not going to waste your money or the time of our female client if there is no interest on her part. There are a lot of other software applications but as our experience shows the best in video communication software is based on peer-to-peer technology. After you have installed Skype, you are ready to communicate with your lady in real time through internet.

See your lady in real time and watch her true feelings to you, get her spontaneous response and be open to make next step - dating her in her own city. You don't need to spend much money for traveling here just to see your miss "Perfect", see how she moves and feel her energy. Contact us using email and we will provide your a special link for video plug-in for skype to be able to see your lady on line using web camera.

Web -Cam Conversations - If you desire more than correspondence with your lady or simply want to verify that your lady is truly the one responding to you emails, your lady can come to our office and you can actually see, hear and speak with her via Windows Live or Skype Web Cam Session.

You must have Windows Live Messenger or Skype which is video and audio enabled.

If the lady is not available at the time you requested you will be given alternate times to select from.

If you have any question about this process you can send us an email.

Make sure to include your MSN enabled email address Or Skype ID so that we can "invite" you to the video session at the time the Web Cam session is scheduled.

Web Cam calls are done in 30 minute increments and requested times must be in Ukrainian time, which is 7 hours ahead of Eastern Time, 8 hours ahead of central and 10 hours ahead of Pacific Coast time.

After we receive the form you will be emailed when the Web Cam session has been scheduled and also sent a link by email for secure on-line credit card payment.

(You must give us at least 72 hours to contact you about setting up your webcam session).

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