He is wary at first, but I explain that I just need to check some facts and get his side of the story, and soon he is chatting away, wistful but friendly."They're trying to make out that they are 'girl power' and made it all themselves," Herbert says. But to make the ingredients work, you have to get five spices together."Emma was recommended by a singing teacher, and Herbert doesn't believe that she and Victoria really knew each other. They have just been at the Cannes Film Festival to drum up interest in it.He insists that they were never told to dress the same: The whole point of the auditions had been to find five strikingly different girls. Once you get over that bit, then you should enjoy sex because it's me, and I'm shit hot in bed. During a press conference there, they made the journalists do a Mexican wave." says Geri."We sort of worked it out how many birthdays we'd gone out on and how many Christmas presents we'd bought each other," claims Mel C. We talk about those first managers."You know, I feel quite sorry for them, really," says Geri."They had an idea," says Mel C.

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"Our ideas were flowing so fast.""They couldn't keep up with us, could they? The first managers were a father-and-son team, Bob and Chris Herbert.

Usually in interviews the Spice Girls don't mention them, or they pretend to have forgotten their names.

EMMA: You can't ram it down somebody's throat – "I can sing, and I can dance, and I enjoy it as well." You can't keep doing that. Afterward, she will point at the computer monitors and ask, over and over, "I want an Internet. ")Geri answers a question about the media putting down the Spice Girls."I couldn't give a F**K basically," she types. They were girls who dreamed in vain of getting a part in Andrew Lloyd Webber's .

A note swiftly appears on her computer from the AOL chat-room guide. Even that is a violation of our terms of service.""Oh, balls," Geri types to the world. Secretly you are.""He is a Spice Boy," Victoria said. I can tell, just by that sparkle in your eye."You get plenty of this talk when you're around the Spice Girls. By the summer, the group Touch was formed, with the four of them and a girl named Michelle.

s the Spice Girls take their seats, Mel B picks up her cloth napkin and uses it to rummage around inside a nostril.

They have gathered in this private function room at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York so that I may discover a little more about them. where the two of them squatted down in a corner and, in fits of giggles, peed onto some towels they found there. Walked out.ere, before things get too silly and agitated, is a cut out 'n' keep guide to the five Spice Girls."I'm always short of underwear," she explains. I just think, "Maybe in time they'll grow to enjoy it."MEL C: Nothing. Then she is told, and she gives her answer: "I love America Online."In fact, today I'm wearing a pair of Melanie B's knickers."What would you say to someone who thinks that spice girls are pointless and talentless? It's a chance to speak to the world." (Mel B is clearly not an expert on these matters. They knew each other already, because they were always turning up at the same auditions, for musicals or shows or whatever, where they were inevitably rejected.You quickly learn that in the flesh, as on record and video, the most important value in Spiceland is not decorum. "President Clinton picks his nose."The Spice Girl is a restless creature. ."I don't think it was a temple," argues Mel B."I think it was a ballroom," says Mel C.. This is what you will need to know: Geri Halliwell is 24. Her father, an unsuccessful English car salesman, died three years ago. Her parents are rich; her father is an electrical retailer. A tattoo on her upper right arm is of two Japanese symbols: woman and strength. These names – Ginger, Scary, Baby, Posh, Sporty – have been a successful part of the Spice Girls package: a perfect simultaneous pop expression of heterogeneity (they're each their own person) and homogeneity (they're all disciples in the Church of Spice).Only occasionally will there be five Spice Girls at the table simultaneously. They couldn't get anyone to understand their English, and they couldn't find the toilet, and they were bursting. Her mother is Spanish and works as a cleaning lady. Mop, the British tabloids call her.) When Geri was young, she once poohed in the bath with her brother and sister. Her father, who does hot-metal shift work, is from Nevis, in the Caribbean. She has blond hair, which she often wears in bunches. She recently announced, as a joke, "I don't want to be a cutie – I want to be a hot, sexy bitch," but she's now rather perturbed that the statement has been taken seriously. When she was young, Victoria used to beg her father not to take her to school in the Rolls-Royce. A strange fact: Neither the Spice Girls nor any of the people around them thought up the names."I've just been told off for swearing.""I get bad beforehand," says Mel B. Really, really bad.""You have to get it onto me," Emma complains to Mel B."I've always been irregular," says Mel C."Geri's irregular," says Mel B. "I've been talking to him, and I can tell he is.""Secretly," Geri noded. Later, Geri and Victoria tried to drum my sexuality out of me. She subsequently left because of an illness in her family and because she wanted to go to college.