Just add a new case to your case statement for each possible return code.

validating sql stored procedures-9

The users entries are left intact when going back to the previous page when using this method.

Maybe the case is they mistakenly entered some value and now they can edit it instead of having to retype everything.

The other path required that if the fiscal period was not valid, then no data was to be written.

This sounded simple enough, except the validation routine was a stored procedure.

Now, on the ASP side, I use the command object to send the form contents to the stored procedure.

The stored procedure's return value is always the first item in the parameters collection of the command object ( subroutine, which will generate a Java Script popup error message.

In this case the result will be a true/false value that we want to return back to the calling portion.

Here is that method: Remember that we will be processing millions of rows and I don't want to call this for every row, just once per file.

I have text file that contains data for a given fiscal period.