Those that have tested migrations using this approach are familiar with the typical iterative test, debug and retest method, where subsequent executions of the testing process reveal different error conditions as new samples are reviewed.

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Further, industry testing strategies to mitigate such risk, or more specifically data migration error, lack consistency and are far from deterministic.

This article offers thoughts and recommendations on how to create a more robust and consistent data migration testing strategy.

However, as part of the implementation process, many of these information systems will be populated with legacy data and the compliance and business risks associated with data and content migrations are not necessarily understood.

In this context, risks associated with data migration are a direct result of migration error.

, a specialist data migration technology and service provider, outlines a blueprint for designing an effective data migration testing strategy.

David rounds off the article with a useful checklist of recommendations that the reader can use to benchmark their own approach.The pre-migration testing options include: Conduct a formal design review of the migration specification when the pre-migration testing in near complete, or during the earliest stages of the migration tool configuration.The specification should include: The formal design review should include representatives from the appropriate user communities, IT and management.Even with these shortcomings, sampling has a role in a well defined testing strategy, but what are the other testing options?The following lists options for testing by the phase of the migration process: These tests occur early in the migration process, before any migration, even migration for testing purposes, is completed.This analysis will derive data enrichment to fill in incomplete records, identify data cleansing requirements through pre-migration analysis, dry runs the migration process and verify the results sting before understanding the final data migration requirements.