In other words you made money buying this pack and used it for free. and whenever I do that, I get nervous and start rethinking everything. Im deciding between the Dana Design Glacier and the Terraplane LTW Glacier: Capacity: 5,200 /85 litres Weight: 5 lb. In any case, I've read that the Glacier is intended for loads under 50lbs so I was wondering if anyone had had positive or negative experiences with it, or with the Terraplane LTW. my old pack was stolen and I need a new one ASAP...

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I wrote three game engines (two in C for Windows and a 2D one in HTML5 for Web and Mobile) and the last one is being used in a top10 game on the i OS App Store.

I’m a full stack game developer (game design, programming, AI, PCG, 3D, 2D, shading and sounds) with extensive experience with Unity, Unreal Engine 4, UDK and Game Engines Architectures.

I have been using a Dana Terraplane since '97 and swear by it despite it's weight.

It's durability and comfort are it's biggest selling point.It used to be a popular load carrier before the golite rage.It's size may be overkill, but packing it is never a problem and it's sure handy when you have to add bulkier items (e.g. Mine has over 1400 miles on it and plan on using it for my thru hike in the future. I guess packs are like boots regarding fit and comfort.I have used the Terraplane X for the last few years, although I don't think my total pack weight has ever exceeded 42 pounds.While the pack itself is heavy, especially relative to some of the Mountainsmith packs, it fits me extremely well, especially if I keep the total load below 35 pounds. 9 oz/3.1 kg Perhaps unnecessarily, I have been wondering if the Glacier will do well in those situations where I'll be at or over 50lbs...