Debate, heated or otherwise are allowed, for it is the persons involved that must deal with the emotional or mental "suffering," if any. You are responsible for yourself, your own responses, reactions, and giving power to yourself and others over you. These are still people, some people are up front, others hide behind their profiles.

Even if you've used Skype before, try it again to make sure you don't need any software updates or new equipment.

Do a test call with a friend or colleague and ask your friend to give you feedback about the way your picture looks.

Then tell her you'd love to meet via Skype this time, and that you'll be willing to meet in person for any follow-up interviews.

If she doesn't use Skype, ask whether there are any other video chat options she would be willing to use, and then get instructions for signing up.

If the employer specified "local candidates only" on the job posting, that probably means she's not going to pay for travel expenses for out-of-town applicants -- if she looks at out-of-towners' resumes at all.

In this case, mentioning that you're willing and able to do an initial interview via video chat may make her give you a second look.

Skype also recommends having a backup computer handy during the interview, just in case one crashes.

If you're thinking of offering to do a Skype interview, it may be because you live far away from the employer in question.

Try to find her username on Skype right away and send her a contact request so that nothing is left to chance.

When it comes time for the interview, dress in the same professional interview attire you would wear to an in-person interview.

Avoid putting your physical address on your cover letter so the employer doesn't discard your application, and then mention somewhere in the cover letter that you are non-local but are willing to do an initial Skype interview.