In case you are wondering, IYF is a program Good News Mission does where they try and recruit people around 18-30 to go and serve for one year. In one moment the pastor would encourage me one way, then he would discourage me the exact opposite. Once when talking with the pastor, he said that I had a complaint-full heart.Later I will try and discuss more in detail about what I know about IYF. He said that when those times came to get rid of it, I needed to voice it. Then a week later, he told me to quit complaining and change my heart. They say that Jesus does things, such as changing your heart. So if there is nothing I can do, then why do I need to change my heart?

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So after being apart of the Good News in Korea for about two months, I decided to return from Korea.

During this time, I studied the Bible a lot on my own, pretty much daily. I also would listen to Pastor Park’s sermons every week.

Finally, even Ock Soo Park goes to doctors and has himself checked out when there is a problem.

A few days later, my wife said that she didn’t want to stay there anymore.

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This is when it finally dawned on me that it was a cult. I walked at at 4 am and went to a hotel and waited for family to come and pick me up. This entry was posted on June 15, 2009 at pm and is filed under Uncategorized.

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They have some reasons which I think do in fact make some sense.