Unfortunately, it turns out that Sharp has the Smart TVs in the industry.

So when a company like Sharp sells us on a list of features, we expect them to not only work – but work well.

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updating sharp aquos firmware-33

Then on my girlfriend's SH-10D: the update was successful, from build version to . If in your case updating has resulted in a slow-down, then perhaps you should reset the phone to factory settings. You need to first run "Software update" to install all software (minor) updates, and only after that can you try the "major upgrade".

What Up Any does is launch the built-in update checker, which downloads the update files (took 4-5 minutes in my case, the wi-fi connection dropped, so I relaunched the procedure, but the download continued from where it had stopped), reboots the phone into maintenance mode, and then installs the updates.

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Works perfect for about an hour then rebooting starts again.

Let battery die last nite, tried again this am - same thing rebooting.

(I could update over wi-fi if i had wanted, only i didn't want the update anyhow).

thanks, rik I can give you a link for a backup with latest firmware, you will have to wipe data tho https://mega.nz/#! fkia T_p8Z...5h Nu Q-2vv A5t SQ This is a full backup from newest firmware but you need to wipe data before boot sent from rooted 306sh Hi, Thanks for the help, just home from work (rough), so i will plug the Aquos in tonite and hopefully be able to try the file tomorrow, (that 8 hour boot thing), just downloaded your file, i'm ready.

It wasn’t long afterwards that I began to regret that choice. Meaning that the User Interface we have today should actually improve over time as new things are added!

Sharp makes a number of promises when it comes to their extremely expensive 80″ TVs. Straight from the Sharp website comes the promise that your Sharp 80″ TV: Yet in the year I’ve had it, the TV hasn’t had a single update. Well, if they are only promising updates “as they are developed” and they haven’t developed any – then I guess not!

TWRP backups don't fix problem- weekly backup, i have 6 i've tried, factory reset doesn't fix, if i try to Software Update, it checks, tells me, "up to date".