If the 49 error returns turn the power off, unplug the power cable, disconnect all network cables, and remove the HP Jetdirect card (or any third-party devices), if installed. Please make sure you give me a good email address to respond to, a few times now people have emailed me and the return address did not work. As many pints as this bug has caused me to consume.

Wait at least 30 seconds before plugging the printer back in directly to a wall outlet. Thank-you for directing me to the PS pass through option; that solved a lingering problem of random crashes when printing PS docs via the HP PS drivers. Thank-you HP and Adobe for your devotion to this long-lasting, broad reaching bug and delivering a solution.

My Windows XP driver doesn't have a "Postscript Passthrough" config, but I can generally get past the problem by printing with the PCL driver.

We also got the 49.4C02 service error on our HP Color Laser Jet 5550 printer.

I turned off the printer and unplugged the power cable and the network cable for about a minute or two.

After rebooting the printer, with my Windows print queue paused, I noticed that the printer would show activity on the front panel about 2 minutes after rebooting, and then would crash with 49.4C02.

We found another user who was printing complex jobs from his Linux machine via a local print queue.

If the message appears only with a certain software application or print job, contact the software vendor for assistance.4. Replace a DIMM or EIO device if you determine that it causes the error.11. The printer will perform a cold reset and then continue its power-on sequence.

If the message persists with different software applications and print jobs, disconnect all cables to the printer that connect it to the network or PC.5. Remove all memory DIMMs or third-party DIMMs from the printer. Remember to reconnect all cables that connect the printer to the network or computer.12. HP Laser User,we have been having problems (such as only the first page could be printed) with the PS drivers since Adobe Reader Version 8 was rolled out in our environment. When the memory starts counting, press and hold the green (Select) button. If the 49 error returns, contact an HP-authorized service or support provider.The problem went away when he drained his print queue.for anyone with 49.4C errors on a HP LJ4250: I downloaded the newest firmware from since the we have had no more problems. So as soon as the next printer has this, or pcl error messages, or in fact any other communication error, then the first thing that we'll do is a firmware update.Do not plug the printer into a power strip or a surge protector. If the 49 error returns, turn the power off, and then unplug the printer. Check that the parallel I/O board is firmly installed on the formatter board. We get this error from time to time on our HP Laser Jet 4250tn.So far, it's always been due to printing very particular files.The link above provides you with the fw-update file and a description of how to apply it, either over the network with the browser or locally over LPT1.