Likewise for main-sub multireport with a mainreport and subreport.

A control in a form is a textbox, checkbox, optiongroup, listbox or combobox (dropdown). Parent operator is used in subform or subreport to refer to controls in the mainform or the mainreport like the primary key as a Link Master Field.

We will not update older versions of Access to support new versions of SQL Server or SQL Azure.

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The Repaint method simply repaints the specified form and its controls.

Microsoft has stopped supporting the Access Data Project adp file in an Access desktop database and deprecated ADP with this message when I open an adp file in Access 2013: Access Data Projects are no longer supported in this version of Access.

The idea with ADP is to bring back in Access the brilliant Access Data Project we known from Access 2000 to 2010 to provide an efficient and native-mode access to a SQL Server database that handle all data, query and business logic inside the database.

An example of using ADP in VBA behind an updatable form that is fetching data from a stored procedure that has a join between tables therefore the ADP properties Input Parameters, Unique Table and Resync Command are included in ADP .

In property sheet at ODBC connctionstring write: The ADP model takes the best from two of the Access models and add the functionality that is not working in Access.

ADP is using ADO to a SQL Server table, view or stored procedure with parameter to bind a recordset to an Access form.

From Access 2013 there is provided four models of SQL Server data into an Access desktop database application in fileformat accdb, but there is also some disadvantages and defects that ADP has solved and will be described in the next chapter.

Have you already upsizing an Access database to a SQL Server database and it is using stored procedures in an adp file, model A is like to downsizing select statements back to Access made query, and remember a join with three tables Access wants parentheses like this: For me, when I have a SQL Server running I better use parameterized stored procedure to represent the data access layer and sometimes the business logic layer inside the database.

Folder C:\Program Data\ADPX or whatever folder you choose must be a Trusted Location and with read/write access for the user include the folder for your own application accdb file.