Not to mention, over time our computers become crud-magnets; collecting up all order of detritus.

updating from tiger to leopard-58

Although Apple said Tiger users should either upgrade to Leopard before moving to Snow Leopard or migrate directly, using the $169 Mac Box Set (containing Snow Leopard, i Life ’09, and i Work ’09), WSJ and Wired have discovered that a Tiger system can be upgraded directly to Snow Leopard via a standalone installer provided on the $29 upgrade disc, resulting in a $140 saving over the Mac Box Set.

If you’re planning to upgrade household Macs, go with Family Pack versions of Snow Leopard and Mac Box Set, $49 and $229, respectively.

Fortunately, our friends at Omni Group have a utility just for that.

To create a bootable backup of your main drive there is only one choice, Carbon Copy Cloner, and it’s push one button simple.

Lucky customers who bought a qualifying Mac or Xserve from Apple or an Apple Authorized Reseller between June 8, 2009 and the end of the program on December 26 can get Snow Leopard through the Up-to-Date program for only $9.95 (free shipping) plus applicable sales tax.

The 9 server version comes with unlimited client licenses, making up for the hardware price difference compared with Windows-based servers sold on a per seat basis.

That sounds radical, we know, but we’re such big fans of this option that we actually do this every six-months, wether or not there is an OS upgrade to be performed.

You’ll be amazed how snappy your ‘old’ Mac is when it’s starting on a pristine new disk.

Just remember to make your backup drive bootable, you will have to completely wipe your destination drive.