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New high-technic scientific and clinical complex of pediatrics and pediatric surgery, which was opened in 2014, with unique equipment, enabling to improve the quality and extent of health care in the field of pediatrics for children from all the subjects of the Russian Federation, is functioning at full power. SCCH has specialized dissertational council with a legal permission to receive doctoral and candidate theses on 3 specialties: pediatrics; pediatric surgery; public health and health care.

All the departments have modern scientific and medical equipment, which allows performing of the fundamental and practical research on a global level in priority areas of the science development and critical techniques, approved by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation: SCCH has wealth of experience (more than 20 years) of active ongoing usage of computer techniques in pediatrics with use of all the recent achievements in the field of communication technologies (first of all – internet), which makes available consultations and educational lectures of the specialists not only within the institution but also for everyone who has access to the modern communication facilities. More than 100 interns and postgraduates are trained in the Center yearly with the use of the facilities of the high-specialized simulation training center, in which structure there is are intensive care units for newborns and older children, an operating room, study room for working on practical skills in pediatrics, pediatric surgery, traumatology and orthopedics etc., as well as a conference-hall.The workers of the Center have repeatedly become award winners of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology.Under conditions of the 24-hours in-patient stay, day clinic and consultative and diagnostic center we render all kinds of medical care, including specialized and high-technic.In 1945 the institution, being already the SRI of Pediatrics, became a part of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR.Scientific Center of Children’s Health, a federal institution of a new type for development of the scientific bases for the improving of the system of protection of children’s health and coordination of the scientific research on pediatrics across the Russian Federation and rendering all kind of health care for children, was established in 1998 by merging of the SRI of Pediatrics and the SRI of Hygiene and Children’s Health Protection.Otherwise, Guesty will set your cancellation policy to be 50% refund up until 7 days prior to check in.