Third party libs that dont ship with Pythonista, I have found the pip update cmd does not work. pip list works fine in Sta Sh, so you can see what you have installed using Sta Sh. Also worth mentioning is that Sta Sh has an selfupdate cmd.Also pip versions cmd works, although the ordering is not correct. Always worth running to make sure you are using the latest version of Sta Sh.To me if the newly installed modules are used, then if would be preferable not to delete the shipped versions, as you can also get back to a known state.

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I think the update is a little funky, for reasons are beyond my expertise.

But as Dropbox is already shipped with Python So i think you just do an install. I dont do much with Sta Sh, but this is my experience.

Sometimes dependencies need to be updated manually.

For requests, I recently posted on this topic: @Dangthrimble in terms of Dropbox, i think you just need to do a pip install in Sta Sh.

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