Comment construire un couple solide quand notre modèle parental n’a pas su le faire ?

Today, with smartphones, we’re accessing it 27 times a day.

The effect of all of this is that we’re increasingly distracted.

The more distracted we are, the more likely we are to get distracted.

Some people call switching our attention between things that vie for it “multi-tasking”.

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I feel a constant need to pull it out – to check email, to text, to see if there is something interesting happening RIGHT NOW. [show the 2 slides on ‘phone addiction’ and ‘35% look before getting out of bed’]. Look at how internet access has changed since smart phones came into being (and this data is a year old, so I’m certain it’s even more in this direction).

In the pre-smartphone era we accessed the internet roughly five times per day, in longer chunks.

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