In 1941, were you to be shot down over the North Sea or sunk by torpedo in the freezing Channel waters, your only hope would be for someone to find you before hypothermia set in.

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The basic interior reflects the boat's dedication to speed and power.

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The front usually includes the studio or photographers' name and location.

The back sometimes includes the same information, but more elaborate.

The originals were 500hp Napier Sea Lion 12-cylinder petrol engines, the most powerful in the world at the time.

They were used in several of Sir Malcolm Campbell's record-breakers and the Supermarine S.5 racing seaplane, a forerunner of the Spitfire 'Underneath the rear deck was the engine room,' says Parsons, 'but everything forward of that was pretty much all fuel tanks.

Many cabinet card photographs from the 1880s and 1890s are exquisite pieces of artwork, exhibiting technical excellence and wonderful composition.

This new size and improved clarity and colors provided the perfect media to showcase the grand styles of the gay nineties. Though examples from the late 1890s show a wide variety of card stock, and some variation in sizes.

It took enthusiast Phil Clabburn to realise what a miracle of survival was hidden under the layers of peeling paint.