We were in close touch with Emerald’s oversoul (da shen) and soul (ling), and we consulted with him constantly before and during the pregnancy. We had initially called Emerald in during our honeymoon raft trip down the Grand Canyon in Septemer 2012. I encountered intense resistance – I discovered no one wants to deal with shadow issues if they can find some excuse to avoid it.

Nonetheless, my efforts seemed to disperse the dark Qi field.

He sputtered, began breathing, and was soon nursing. has image of Taoist 3 Pure Ones (San Yuan), the Original Beings who regulate the three primary heavens of creation.

Emerald’s journey was to travel from Primordial Heaven (unity state), through Early Heaven (subtle energy forms), to arrive in Later Heaven (physical plane). Prepare to capture the Summer Solstice energy with meditation or ceremony this Saturday, June 21st.

I knew she was right the moment I first touched her in a casual hug.

Jem, curiously, was hearing a similar voice, telling her to “have a chiild with Michael”.

The voice obviously could see timelines beyond my vision – the voice of an Oversoul.

I told the voice I’d be a father only if it found me the “right” mother, i.e. I hoped the child might turn out to be my next spiritual teacher, beyond the lessons every parent receives from their children. In 2011, after a three year quest, the “right” mother chose me.

The Perfected, like a kind of divine child, live in a state of Original Innocence, in true naivete, free from intention, able to spontaneously embrace contradictory qualities.

Dear Lovers of Conscious Conception and the Mystery Beyond Life and Death, Eight years ago, in 2006, a voice spoke to me while in deep meditation: “Will you be my Daddy? I had chosen to have children this lifetime, but instead focus on cultivating my immortal Inner Child.

For directions,, email: [email protected] you want help in creating your own ceremony, read this newsletter: The infant looks all day without winking, as his eyes are relaxed without focus on any particular object.