After 13 seasons, "So You Think You Can Dance" viewers probably thought they'd seen it all. Last year, he was featured in Sia's "The Greatest" music video, and he's toured with Travis Wall's critically acclaimed contemporary company Shaping Sound.

From "Ramalama (Bang Bang)" to Bollywood, Travis Wall to t Witch, it seemed like there couldn't possibly be any room left on Mary Murphy's Hot Tamale Train. When Lex showed up at the show's Season 14 NYC auditions with an improv solo in lieu of a choreographed routine, the judges were shocked—and then brought to their feet by his show-stopping creativity. In week one of the live shows, Lex busted out a super-crisp tap (! But now, Lex is officially a household name as America's Favorite Dancer—and has a first-class ticket on that Hot Tamale Train.

"I wanted to do what the other kids were doing, but I wasn't born to be a dancer. It took five or six years of hard work for me to be able to move like a normal dancer.

Right now, the final four contestants are working extremely hard to win season 14 of SYTYCD.

Koine Iwasaki, Lex Ishimoto, Taylor Sieve, and Kiki Nyemchek are the last contestants standing, with just one episode to go until the winner is named!

And on a show where your fate is determined by audience votes, that connection is key. "I didn't want to show a fake side of myself," he says.

"I may not have the brightest personality, but I know a lot of people are like me, and I thought maybe those people would connect with me." He thought right: Lex soared through all seven of the live shows without ever landing in the bottom three.

Thank you for dancing with me and sharing a such a special moment with me.

Till next time we dance together again my beautiful bird.”Ishimoto and Sieve definitely make an adorable couple and we wish them both the best of luck in the finals!"I felt like this was my time to go out and show the world what I do," he says.And that's exactly what Lex did, from the minute he set foot on the NYC audition stage.He trained in jazz, tap, ballet, and hip hop, and dabbled in Broadway during the Lex won Teen Best Dancer at The Dance Awards in 2014 and Senior Male Best Dancer in 2016.He moved to Boston and danced with Boston Ballet II for two years before getting hired as an assistant and choreographer with Break the Floor Productions, the parent company of JUMP, NUVO, 24 Seven, and The Dance Awards."We were all shocked and thrilled by Lex's audition," says judge Nigel Lythgoe.