Busy professionals, stay-at-home Moms and many others enjoy the flexibility of the computer and phone sessions.

All that is required is privacy and some uninterrupted quiet time.

The app also records a video of the call with Santa, giving your child a keepsake of the conversation.

If you schedule your call beforehand, you can fill in some information about your child including name, age, etc so that Santa can greet your child by name during the call.

must be installed on the website in order to allow access to webcam and mic for security and privacy reasons.

Currently it's offered by all most modern browsers and devices based on the following table: Safari, mobile i OS devices and oldest browsers such as Internet Explorer still lack support for HTML5 peer-to-peer technology.

Telephone sessions work best with either a speaker phone or headset.

De laatste update voor Google Chrome en versie 22 van Firefox maken het mogelijk onderling te videochatten tussen de twee populaire browsers.

You can ask a free trial or test the demo site before purchase the product in order to ensure that your requirements are satisfied.

The minimum PHP version required for the Instant Language Translator is PHP 5.4, for all other features the old PHP 5.3 or even PHP 5.2 is still compatible.

Zijn jullie uitgebabbeld, dan klik je onder in het scherm op ‘Hang up’.