Submitted by plaidskirt 05/08/02With such dexterity to incestuous sheets.

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Yes, there are several of them on small advertisements on some pages, but basically it's just a place for reading and writing stories. The people who run it, Laurel and Manu are honest, decent people who just want to get sex stories to a wide audience. From the main page, the two main links are to "Stories & Pics" and to "Bulletin Board". It's hard to say exactly, but round about half of the contributors and half of the readers are female, going by both names and cues.

All the rest - the webcams and dirty pictures and audios - are not the main thing, and not very exciting, unless you're really really desperate. A few are obviously people trying to disguise their sex, but a lot more women do appreciate written descriptions and get turned on more than by the usual Internet porn pictures. At the end of a story you get five radio buttons, 1 (worst) to 5 (best).

Submitted by andalite23 02/12/18Siblings play a kinky card game.

Submitted by Generalgums 02/12/18I did something wrong and my brother has to punish me.

The Stories area is divided into all sorts of genres you might be interested in: Erotic Couplings is the basic "Boy and girl have sex", with by far the most stories. This is the only public rating system on the site: out of thousands of views, a story might get tens of votes.

After those come Incest; then Loving Wives, BDSM, Group Sex, Exhibitionist & Voyeur, Non Consent, Lesbian, and Romance get a lot of entries, as you might expect; then Fetish, Celebrities, Interracial Love, and Gay Male; and there are numerous others, including toys, horror, anal, cross-dressing, and humour. You can also send personal feedback to an author, either anonymous or with your own e-mail address.

Submitted by steamer5139 06/09/06A unfaithful wife, the death of a son brings Dean back home. Submitted by Jammy Jimmy 12/23/11A young man finds love close to home.

Submitted by soul71 06/06/17A washing up mishap leads to sibling lust. Submitted by Burnt Redstone 09/25/15Bobby and Colleen's love will never end.

Submitted by romanticredhead 06/01/07Brother is caught by sister looking at her camel toe. Submitted by Texas Refugee 08/31/07Father submits to curious game for daughter's slumber party.

Submitted by FICTION_WRITER 02/14/12Tommy and Jennifer - brother and sister with Tommy on top. Submitted by Discreet NFun 01/23/17Resolution for Nicky & Ashley, and justice for all...

Submitted by Sponge Bob Squish Pants 02/11/18The surprising weekend continues.