A spokesman for ANZ said the bank is constantly monitoring the dark web for this kind of activity."We are aware this individual has been attempting to sell log-in information for both Australian and international bank accounts," ANZ said in a statement."ANZ systems have not been breached.

The logins are likely obtained through methods such as phishing or malware being installed directly on the customer's computer."Commonwealth Bank said in a statement that cyber-criminals employ a variety of methods to obtain sensitive information."This information is being sold on the dark net on a regular basis, and is, many times, not up to date or just incorrect," it said.

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There were so many that Hansa put a hold on new user registrations.

But what buyers and sellers didn't know was Dutch authorities had been secretly controlling Hansa since June 20, after arresting two of the site's administrators in Germany.

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In 2015-16, 86.9 per cent of amphetamines and other stimulants seized by authorities came through the international post.

Dr Simon Walsh, national manager of specialist operations at the Australian Federal Police, said forensics and intelligence capabilities are used to determine the "level of criminality" of those involved."We're dealing with high volume offences," Dr Walsh said."So sometimes in that circumstance it's really not practical, or possible to chase every single [item]." But it's not just physical items that authorities are concerned about. Fake NSW and Queensland drivers licences, Medicare cards, credit card details, passports and personal banking details are also big sellers."Police have a good understanding of what's occurring on the dark net," Dr Walsh said."We do monitor it — and others do as well."Since Hansa was taken down on July 20, many users are already back up and running on yet another dark net site, which the ABC has chosen not to name.7.30 tracked down Petrovich there, where he was still selling Commonwealth Bank and ANZ banking details:"UP FOR SALE: FRESH AUSTRALIAN BANK ACCOUNT DIRECTLY FROM MY OWN DATABASE" "The possibilities with these account (sic) are infinite, you can do serious money if you know how to use them properly.

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While many drugs purchased on the dark net by Australians come from overseas, the number of drugs bought and sold domestically is increasing."We are looking at probably about 150 drug dealers selling a range of illicit drugs in Australia," said Dr James Martin, a criminologist from Macquarie University.

The exact number of Australian buyers using the dark net is impossible to quantify but, because sellers often reveal their location, the data does show how many drug sellers are based here.

According to feedback Petrovich received on the site, together the online bank details had been sold more than 300 times for around 0 a pop, with positive user comments including that the details were "the real deal" and, "I just log on the ANZ and transfer 0 out of it. Another buyer complained that, while the account details worked, the account didn't have a "high balance" as advertised.