The protests were happening against a backdrop of heightened religious and social conservatism in the country energized by presidential elections which have propelled into first place an evangelical preacher who vehemently opposes gay marriage.

The preacher, Fabricio Alvarado, is the candidate of the National Restoration Party, a right-wing Christian party.

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Gay marriage in particular has become a hot-button issue following a statement by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights last month that such unions should be recognized as legal.

That exhortation of the court -- which is based in Costa Rica -- is meant to be binding on Latin American countries that have adopted the 1969 American Convention on Human Rights, but there is no mechanism for enforcement.

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Protests against school sex education by some Costa Rican parents take place against the backdrop of heightened social conservatism energized by the rise of presidential candidate Fabricio Alvarado, an evangelical preacher vehemently opposed to gay marriage Parents padlocked the gates of 20 schools in Costa Rica on Thursday to protest sex education classes for teens that some believe promote homosexuality, the education ministry said.

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The actions -- on the first day of the new school year -- were initially reported in a few areas in the north of the Central American country but spread to other areas also in the south and around Limon, the main port city, the ministry said.