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'Although the US has seen a drop in pregnancy rates, we still have one of the highest in the western industrialized world.

It's a big issue, and it's important to find the risk factors that lead to risky sex.

For both genders, having alcohol before 14 more than doubles the likelihood they will be prematurely sexual active, a study found.

Lead author Dr Kelly Ann Doran from Indiana University, said: 'Adolescents who engage in early sex have higher risks for sexually transmitted infections or unplanned pregnancies.'Although the US has seen a drop in pregnancy rates, we still have one of the highest in the western industrialized world.'Impairment from alcohol increases the likelihood of being victimized or victimizing other people.'Teenagers are less likely to drink if their parents show disapproval, research revealed earlier this month.

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Study author Ms Jacqueline Bowden from the University of Adelaide, said: 'Parents have more influence on their teenagers' decisions regarding alcohol than they probably realise.'Parental behaviour and attitudes towards alcohol really do make a difference and can help prevent children from drinking at an early age.'Mr Lincoln Size, chief executive cancer council SA, who supported the study, added: 'This latest evidence highlights the need to educate young people about the consequences of alcohol consumption and for parents to demonstrate responsible drinking behaviour.'We need to get the message through that what may be considered harmless fun actually has lifelong consequences.' The researchers analyzed 4,079 male and 4,059 female participants of the National Longitudinal Study of Youth 1997.

The participants were aged between 12 and 16 on their first assessment, and were followed until they reached 25 to 31 years old.

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