She had been charged after police discovered three videos of her having inappropriate sexual contact with the dog (Pictured entering court last Friday).

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to remove a portion of her outer genitalia for a "cleaner" look.

We're told Sydney's getting trimmed next week in Santa Barbara with a doctor named Neal Handel, and it's gonna cost her $8,400.

(2006), using a larger sample to examine the inter-item relationships, and the effects of personality (EPQ-r and the Dating Partner Preference test) and sex of the judge on ratings for different groups of items.

A young Australian woman was egged on into having sex with her pet dog by her then-partner - who would call her a 'dirty sl**' and repeatedly sleep with her after she got intimate with the animal, a court has heard.

“It’s not sex but it is sex,” says Regina Lynn, author of The Sexual Revolution 2.0 and a columnist on sex and technology for

I don’t know where the real user was located, but our virtual meeting space within Second Life was called “The Netherlands.” Or maybe “she” was really a he, controlling a female avatar. If it’s not clear already, “virtual sex” can be a little complicated.

We are a service provided by the BC Centre for Disease Control, located in British Columbia, Canada.

This is the place to be if you need information and resources on sexual health.

Anthony Weiner's sexting partner Sydney Leathers is living up to her last name ...