Archive email messages and on-the-record chats, and control how long they are retained.Easily configure security settings from a centralized administration console, and call or email Google support for help 24/7.That year they released Es Mentira, their first album which would spawn five singles: "Bailarina," "Imán," "Tu Juego," "Agua" and "Romix." In 2004 Miranda!

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The group has found success throughout Latin America as well as in the United States and Europe.

Their popularity grew around the Buenos Aires underground music circuit, based on their peculiar music, style and looks.

Their unique live performances, in which the band members "acted out" the lyrics of their songs, gained them a great number of followers, as well as a number of prizes in such publications as the Argentine version of the Rolling Stone Magazine, which named them the Revelation Band of 2002.

Band members include Alejandro Sergi (vocals), Juliana Gattas (vocals), Lolo Fuentes (guitar), Bruno de Vincenti (programming), and since 2003, Nicolás Grimaldi (bass).

In 2001, Alejandro Sergi teamed up with Juliana Gattas, Lolo Fuentes and Bruno de Vincenti to form Miranda! Named after Argentinean actor Osvaldo Miranda, the group finally met the actor in December 2002 during the Buen Dia Arriba Festival in Palermo Viejo.

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These songs were performed at the 2006 Martín Fierro Awards TV show, and then released as a single CD in Argentina.

"Prisionero," the first single off their new album El Disco de tu Corazón, became a #1 hit in their native Argentina.

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