We consider the consequences of drawing from too narrow an understanding of the practice, and highlight the benefits of a broader conceptualization.

Marie Stopes has partnered with the online series AMAZE to produce the short educational clips centering around sex and reproductive health.

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He was found guilty of sexual exploitation of a child‚ living from the earnings of sexual exploitation‚ being an accomplice to rape and contravening the Prevention and Combating of Trafficking in Persons Act.

Mayor Herman Mashaba visited the area earlier this year as community members took matters into their own hands‚ claiming back the streets of Rosettenville.

At the time‚ Mashaba declared war on criminals in the area‚ vowing to root out criminal elements.

“Mashaba had deployed a JMPD (Johannesburg Metro Police Department) bus and metro officers to come and patrol the area.

“There really is a big difference‚” said Mtobongwana. They are still there but they are at a minimal‚” he said.

In February‚ Times LIVE met with a group of prostitutes who had occupied a house in a busy street in Rosettenville.

The change comes following raids in February‚ which saw several suspected brothels and drug dens raided and burnt to the ground in the Johannesburg suburb.

Now‚ fewer sex workers have returned to street corners and the brothels remain vacant.

Firstly‚ it can help serve as a natural segue into conversations with parents and family members that can often turn awkward and uncomfortable for many.

“The series creates the opportunity for fun‚ youth-friendly tools to help start these conversations earlier‚ with tweens and teens‚ in a way that resonates with their everyday experiences‚” Chinogwenya said.

Finally, a third paradigm, “sex and material expressions of love,” draws attention to the connections between love and money, and the central role of men as providers in relationships.