Fiander could not say how many cases are involved provincewide, or how long the reviews will take.

But in Miramichi, there are 27 files, which he expects to be reviewed within the next several weeks by a three-person team — a veteran investigator, a member of management who reads files, and the systems co-ordinator.

As Billy is no one’s husband, it was anticipated that he and Kelly may announce that they’re getting engaged.

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Records have it that the American actor and businessman was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma but raised in Grand Prairie, Texas.

It is said that Billy Miller spent 5 years as a patient at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.

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The speculation ended when photos appeared of the two.

Embroiled in a three-way love triangle with Duell’s character (Michael Corinthos) and his on-screen brother Morgan, the two actors seemingly found love.

There has been speculation around the idea that GH stars Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller have been seeing each other for months now.

Rumours about Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco being lovers not just in General Hospital but in real life thrived after photos of them being intimate like fellas in love circulated the internet.

don't fuel the hearth by denying the verifiable truth.