Il devient champion télévision de l'OVW le 24 janvier 2007 (au cours de l'enregistrement de l'émission du 27) à la suite de sa victoire face à Mike Kruel et perd ce titre face à ce dernier le 7 février (au cours de l'enregistrement de l'émission du 10).

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a young producer whose task is to cajole, badger and play on the weaknesses of the show's participants to get the footage Quinn demands.

Moore noted that, despite the contestants' expectations, "the game is fixed and the matchmaking premise is only a pretext ...

While starting her pageantry career, she met Leon Isaac Kennedy, who was a DJ and a struggling actor/writer. Motown’s Smokey Robinson served as best man at the wedding.

According to a report in the , a home movie featuring Kennedy with then-husband Leon engaging in intercourse was one of the earliest known example of a “celebrity sex tape”.

[the contestants] are pawns in the Everlasting chess game, with Quinn, in her video-paneled master control, pronouncing which contestant is the designated villainess, which is the hot one, which ones are boring and should be bounced." Un REAL doesn’t exist just to send up reality television, or to pick at its scabs.

Nor is it primarily a tell-all about the behind-the-scenes hands that shape reality-TV narrative ...

Rather, Un REAL uses that access as a tool to ask questions about these sorts of programs: not just about how they operate—savagely, if its stories are to be believed—but also why participants on both sides of the camera subject themselves to them." On January 21, 2016, it was announced that Lifetime was developing a Faith-centred spin-off web series, with Breeda Wool reprising her role from the TV series.

The 10-webisode series The Faith Diaries premiered on April 13, 2016.

Lors d'un house show le 27 septembre à Paris Bercy, Santino conserve son titre intercontinental face à Kofi Kingston (Beth Phoenix était aux abords du ring).