They are highly attentive to their partners and rarely turn up for dates without a gift in tow.

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Highly attentive to their partners If you plan to date a Russian guy, be prepared to be indulged in the most wonderful manner possible.

Thus holding the door open for a lady, taking her jacket or coat and being on the side of the traffic when walking with her on the road are all common behavior on the part of Russian men when they are keen to impress the women they are dating.

Don't take these as an attack to your individuality, but as a form of respect for you.

So you can look forward to be pampered with bouquets and small gifts when dating Russian men.

They will not only be generous with such romantic gestures but also come off as a gentleman with their courtly manners and attentiveness.

And though Russian men are all for their ladies to look trendy, they don’t want to be seen with a woman who prefers dressing like a man.

Also remember not to bring up topics like politics when initiating a conversation with your Russian guy since it is generally considered a suitable subject for only the men to discuss.

Russian guys don’t like their women to be pushy or aggressive – instead they like women who are attractive and proud of their feminity.