" like it is now.16687I'm still doing more captions and already going to be doing ones where she is the mother. The fantasies I've been having because of them are just -very- kinky in a way I really like Elzi, this Uno Makoto thread is hot.

I can never make promises though like usual, and I will just have to see how everything goes. So many are unfinished, but I might sometime get in the mood to write here and there I hope. -JPv Sv Z5Ryb Ld JU2g Rm3-w New Mogudan gallery with non-dickgirl decensors and recolours: links: This was -incredibly- difficult and time consuming to do, but I just felt so compelled to try and it was so frustratingly fun it was like, totally not making sense at the time.

Also I'm very sorry for how badly written they are. Fu9hp - Elzi Animorphs Ero-Dream 1 AQn H - Elzi's /d/reamverse so far WGUsm - (Unfinished) /d/reamverse write out for Mirage Lady first dream TTzd - Male Pregnancy and shemale monsters in Elzi Dreams - NTR Wicked foster son dreams. - NTR Nasty Cuckolding Chatlogs with Master H. Ews Gk Gt - NTR Dreams U14Tu8w - Sex Doll Factory Dream. - Bi Guys Sex Dream. ZMkjc - A Couple Odd Dreams PMCV - The Thing dream chatlog VERY DISTURBING/WEIRD XUW - Poor Hunk in a Tentacle filled wheatfield dream -**Tentacle-on-male heavy, Urethra play, possibly VERY painful for males to read* DCa UU - A Global Male Change fantasy~ DZC4j - Cock Absorption-ish Succubus dream~ BEt Lb E - Blissgasm fuckmonster dream LYPa B - Fuckmonster Sports. UZF - Ghost Ancestors Little Bit. Maybe because I just have a really huge thing for demons and angels and the art is just so pretty. I'm very happy to hear this is an Uno Makoto themed thread.

I would absolutely love some loving boyfriend/girlfriend or brother/sister captions with either of these images.

Something along the lines of "I can't believe I was lucky enough to find someone who loves me and my dick."16670I have both these images but I am really not sure if I'll ever be getting around to working on them.

She pretended she was [the victim], she gave [the victim's] address, she used her name, she gave the registration of her car which was going to be parked outside, pretended to be her.support Berry, who sent her about 12 text messages a day.

Mr Espley said: 'She said she wasn't and asked who he was.

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