I have already mentioned that many girls in Ukraine don't speak English well, so it is a great help for them. So, I would advice David to sign up to uadreams and share his experience! He accepted invitation from Elena and joined uadreams. Concerning Elena, she was a nice real girl, he talked in video chat with her many times.

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First of all I would like to give special thanks to David who wrote an e-mail to me and asked to make a review about uadreams agency scam. It was a really good question and this agency is worth attention. Indeed, a lot of professional scammers place fake profiles on dating sites, ask men for their private e-mail adresses and then ask men for money.

See also got an invitation to join uadreams.com, but his words were full doubts and he wasn't sure if he should accept this invitation. Several years ago he had a negative experience and was afraid to get it repeated. One day he tried quick search that showed that the photos of these girl were placed on many other marriage agencies and dating sites like or russian-dating. A month ago David made one more attempt to meet a girl and started to write to russian women on

Ok, you should spend more money to buy someting for your girl on uadreams than you would spend in your native town.

However the employees of uadreams do much work on delivering your gift to the girl.

I don't think that is a perfect agency, it has its disadvantages as well. And the most important thing: it is forbidden for women to ask men for money.

They sometimes have technical problems, but they are not scammers. I correspond with several women there and talk in video chat with them. One day I found a lady in Odnoklassniki, but she didn't reply to me. If something like this occurs, the girl is excluded from the agency immediately. We are sure that more 2-3 persons from ten used online dating services or we can say mobile apps.

I can say one thing: it speaks well for the agency uadreams and proves that their girls are really serious! It is really good when you are contacted by many women, and not only the most beautiful or thin.

I have to mention that all the photos posted on uadreams website is taken by a professional photographer.

If you ask girls to send you some photos of her in a private message, she will gladly do it.