Another cause of confusion occurs when couples try to communicate with each other about which signs of physical affection will lead to sex and which won’t.

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This can be true of both partners in a relationship where a pattern has been established that kissing and hugging lead to sex.

So the first batch of people may avoid physical contact if it’s not attached to sex, and the second group may avoid physical contact because they fear that it will lead to sex at the wrong time.

If your conversations with your significant other are equally superficial, then what does that say about the state of your relationship?

Admittedly, some people who have partners still pour their hearts out to their coworkers.

But conversations you have with your coworkers aren’t likely to lead to sex.

You can spend hours at the water cooler bantering about sports, politics, and office gossip without ever probing any depths.

But the stimulation from a one-minute hug, providing that he and his partner are not in the nude and she keeps her hands above the belt, doesn’t mean that the next step has to be a sexual encounter.

And a woman who was just looking for a hug may suddenly find that she is interested in sex, even though that was not on her mind beforehand.

After a few moments, these erections grab a cab and head downtown of their own accord, providing that the man isn’t getting further stimulation.

If he is being constantly stimulated, then his arousal will reach a point where it is difficult for him to just say no.

Tied to this is the notion that romantic activity outside the bedroom is automatically a lead-in to sexual activity. Many people think of kissing and hugging as preludes to sex.