But for the woman who's ready to vault to the altar, Rachel has a promise: Put yourself on a 15-step plan she calls The Program, and you'll have one foot in that Vera Wang gown.

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Rachel also teaches training workshops to people who want to become professional dating coaches and matchmakers.

—for the third telechat in our Girls' Night In teleseries.

"I'm treating singleness as a marketing issue," says Rachel, who calls her program a "strategic plan" in which the woman is the "product" to be advertised.

"My program is for the woman who is sick of wallowing in why she's single.

" which means creating a "strategic networking event" to showcase yourself.

"I felt so fortunate to have found my husband and to be so happy, I wanted my single friends to have the same experience," Rachel writes.

Some of her findings were unsurprising; others were a revelation. ) Surprisingly, men aren't actually intimidated by the Boss Lady; they're just not sexually attracted to women who make them feel as if they're still at work.

On last night's call, we learned about female archetypes like the Boss Lady, and the Debbie Downer. No matter what stereotype you fall into, remember to treat your first date or two as you would a job interview: put your best foot forward. Find Out Now There's only one night left in our Girls' Night In telechat series.

, and is a relationship expert on Your Tango and Gen Connect.