Giving me some piss poor reason like ' I can't upload images on POF. ' when it is just as easy to upload a photo on POF as any email.

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I have never been ghosted in my entire life and these people will say and do anything for sex and then disappear like a magic trick. It has likely the reason for more break ups and divorces then relationships. Half of them can't be bothered to fill the profile out and a lot can't work out how to put their photo the right way up...

let's be honest if they're that ignorant and rude then it's no great loss. up attitude or nobody will want them Only messages I got were ridiculous scammers with links wanted you to sign up for their site.

Of the 2 1 is definitely good looking but has no interest in anything but hitting the sheets and are masaganist at heart, the other 1 out of two are lushes and half the time would probably use a sheep or what ever else they can get their penises into. For the few real guys that are legit, woman are so worn out they have probably given up on finding some one real and would make good marriage or even dating material.

I think that both sexes with any real potential have probably burned out and have given up. Its a bizarre cyber universe where a handful of women lord it over a mass of guys competing for dates.

If you aren't a GQ guy you'll be lucky to date fat ugly women who expect you do give them the world. You can't blame the site it's the content but with so many blatant fake profiles appearing it surely can't last much longer.

Although I'm sure Markus has made enough money Basically the girls on this site are the leftovers on society. hahaha you have to admire the optimism of these unattractive whales. An online sewer all with unrealistic women thinking they are some sort of catch despite their best years behind them.

They are the ones you see in a bar at closing time still on the own They are fat (but say plus sized). ' Here I am ' or ' You've found me ' are popular headlines...... Maybe 15 years ago Full of Soulless materialistic types who think S*x And the City is how to live your life.

They are unintelligent lack class and are just common trash You wouldn't take any of these to meet your mum But strangely they don't see how bad they are they actually think they're a catch LOL. Spend all their time on social media and their photos are all skimpy selfies despite being 37 sticking their tongues out drunk They say they have great family friends and their life is in order and they love going on holidays.

No men would waste their time chatting them up in a bar but on the internet they lose touch with reality hence the Lamborghini/Chevvy comparison POF has a lot of unintelligent people.

Way too many netspeak-users and cliche-ridden profiles.

The good ones get snapped up quickly and the fact they're on here bragging how great everything is but they've never had a relationship longer than a year tells me all i need to know.