The tumult started last Friday as investors worried about signs of rising inflation...A man in China had to rush to the hospital after noticing a ball-sized lump fallen out of his anus.Doctors said the lump, still attached to his rear, was his rectum and it had lost its attachment to his body.During the battle for HK, Joan was a VAD nurse at Bowen Road Military Hospital.

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People are travelling from major cities to their smaller hometowns, then back, for Chinese Lunar New Year.

Shi Yuying, 76, makes four return trips a day pushing Jiang Haowen, nine, to school and back in the rural Guangxi Province in southern China.

EOD tell me that it was painted with a black band, meaning armour-piercing.

Steve Denton found two more very interesting MI9 forms.

Today Barbara Anslow passed the bad news to David from Gwulo and me that: “my dear friend Joan Wood passed away in New Milton, a few days before her 99th birthday.

Pre-war we had been colleagues as Stenographers with the HK Government.The first was from Cyril Henry James, RASC, who noted that he: “Was tried by Japanese court-martial at Shamshuipo, by Colonel Commandant of POWs Hongkong for refusal to sign no-escape form.Was told that refusal to sign form would be regarded as mutiny and that I would be shot.I suspect both fell in the harbour, but had been covered up by later reclamation.This afternoon as I walked back from work I was interviewed by Annemarie Evans for RTHK on this subject.In NTSC I wrote: “Two accounts, (Hong Kong Aftermath, Brown, page 15; Prisoner of the Japs, Gwen Dew, New York: Heinemann, 1943, page 45), mention a British nurse being killed on the last ferry from Kowloon, though they disagree on some details and provide no name.