Remembering 24/7 isn’t just when you feel like it is especially difficult when you don’t feel well.I’ve tried to keep myself focused and get some of my duties done at home.

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Then the Marine put his hands on him and Rodney realizes that he’s already half way to risking his heart (Spartacus AU) In a world of Doms and subs, Dom Agron is part of a law enforcement agency who ensure subs’ safety, frees those who are being abused, and punishes Doms.

He doesn’t know if he’s ready for a new Dom but he does know he wants Atlantis and Colonel John Sheppard’s collar is his path to the city of the Ancients.

I do consider it a romance but it’s pretty hardcore. This is a FANTASY and should not be taken as a guide to use for a BDSM lifestyle.

It’s also not at all realistic—it’s a fanfic set in the Stargate: Atlantis Fandom.

Elizabeth Weir (Domme) Occupation: Civilian Leader of the Atlantis Expedition Education: Ph Ds in Political Science and Linguistics Pleasure Education: La Petite Mort – 3 sessions Current Relationship: Radek Zelenka Past Relationships: Dr. Carson Beckett (Dom) Occupation: Chief Medical Officer, Atlantis Expedition Education: MD & Ph D in Genetics Pleasure Education: 3 sessions at Lleu House Current Relationship: courting Miko Kusanagi Past Relationships: Chris Morley, Kate Heightmeyer, Captain Laura Cadman, etc Family: deceased father, living mother, two brothers and 3 sisters. Miko Kusanagi (sub) Occupation: Scientist, Atlantis Expedition Education: Ph D Mechanical Engineering Pleasure Education: 5 years Lotus House, marked Red Petal Geisha — a decedent of Japanese royalty.

She is considered a princess within her house and socially is ranked above most Doms in Japanese society. Carson Beckett Past Relationships: Miko was collared directly out of Lotus by Kaemon Maeda — she was the fifth submissive in his home but her status as a Geisha elevated her above everyone including her own Dom socially.

Name: Declan Frost (Dom) Occupation: US Navy, SEAL, Battle Master for the Atlantis Expedition Education: BS & Masters in Engineering Pleasure Education: 3 sessions at de Sade with Master Keith Nasson Current Relationship: collared Sean Taylor Past Relationships: Been with the same submissive in an exclusive relationship for eight years Family: Liam Frost (father), Della Marstow (mother), Angus Frost (brother) Name: Dr. David Parrish Family: Parents deceased, no siblings Name: Dr.

Sean Taylor (sub) Occupation: Scientist, Atlantis Expedition Education: BA in Sociology, Masters in Psychology, Masters in Political Science, and a Ph D in Anthropology Pleasure Education: 3 sessions at La Petite Mort with Master Louis Bessette — marked Consort Current Relationship: wears Declan Frost’s collar Past Relationships: Has been in an exclusive relationship for eight years — did attend Gerard de Sade shortly after he was marked Family: Robert Taylor (father-deceased), Celeste Taylor (mother) – no siblings Name: Dr. Radek Zelenka (sub) Occupation: Chief Engineer, Atlantis Expedition Education: Ph Ds Engineering & Astrophysics, Masters in Aeronautics and Nuclear Physics Pleasure Education: 2 sessions Lleu House Current Relationship: collared submissive of Elizabeth Weir Past Relationships: Thomas Grant, Marshall Sumner, Peter Grodin, Samantha Carter Family: Has no contact with his family– he defected from the Czech Republic at a very early age Name: Dr.

Since I normally write her as all sunshine and snark—it was interesting to write her as a real bitch.