Then, according to police, three other youths "approached the victim's vehicle, sprayed him with pepper spray, pulled him from his vehicle and threatened him."'This is just outrageous'The attack happened on Boyd Avenue, between Charles and Salter streets, and police say the man walked away uninjured.

Several neighbours in the area told CBC News they were shocked to learn more about the nature of the daytime ambush."It's not typical that something like that happens.

There's crime in the North End but something like this is just outrageous," said Jeff Sulz, who has lived on Boyd Avenue for almost a decade."It's sad to see stuff like this happening in our neighbourhood."Skrabek wouldn't reveal the name of the free dating website that was used but suggested it's favoured by thieves who are waiting to rob someone."They don't have to pay to post an ad, somebody's going to respond to it for them.

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Police detailed the attack at a news conference Tuesday morning and are now suggesting the public think twice before using free dating services. Tammy Skrabek said the man didn't even get out of his vehicle before he was pepper-sprayed at the spot he'd arranged to meet his date.

Skrabek said a 16 year-old female approached the man.

Tatiana Garavito, Sebastian Ordoñez and Hannibal Rhoades investigate.

A Winnipeg man was pepper-sprayed and carjacked by four teenagers Monday afternoon after showing up for what he thought was a date he'd arranged on a free dating site.

A fan screen-grabbed the snaps and posted them to Twitter.

Pepper has 2.4M You Tube subscribers, but has sparked controversy for his shocking, sometimes offensive, prank videos.

Marienna Pope-Weidemann from War on Want argues that we need greater public scrutiny over potentially disastrous post-Brexit trade deals.

Ian Martin, a member of the Yorkshire-based Same Skies Collective rethinks devolution and regional democracy through through the frames of hegemony and intersectionality, asking if geography has been sufficiently understood as a driver of privilege and exclusion.

Park yourself behind a copy of Marx’s Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts and wait for your Engels to show up.