Thank you to the Western Mindanao State University, its administration, staff, and everyone, for making us your partners in campus development, and for being with us, one way or another, to show your support and time for NSTP.

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Thank you to the former presidents whom I succeeded, Matt Dave Lachica, and Omiberto Pablo, Jr., for they are the ones who first stood up for the class.

These recognitions, appreciations, all these stuffs are nothing without all of us. This is not about one person only, but this is all about each and every one of us.

2012-2013 (January 6, 2013 – Present) “To say what you truly feel is the best thing a person can do; who knows? Everything goes by so fast.” To our very own University President, Dr. ”, or “…to whom it may concern”, the quotes like “…listening is the beginning of understanding”, or “…pagdating ng panahon by Aiza Seguerra”, or “Maalaala mo kaya by Charo Santos”, or even the expression, “Check? Being the third president seated in the NSTP-LTS (Violet) Class was a very difficult, stressful, and pressuring task.

Live life to the fullest, and express yourself; think of today as your last. Or maybe the round-the-mind slogans we hear either from the mic or the megaphone, like “…kapag may katwiran, ipaglaban! ” We’ll surely be going to miss those taglines and stuff.

Thank you to our very own coordinator and facilitator, Dr. Labastilla, for being with us in laughs and tears, for being the workaholic facilitator that we met in our very lives.

Gaya nga ng sinabi ninyo, ‘di namin malilimutan ang NSTP dahil sa inyo, kaya, Sir, in behalf of the 800 students under your control, WE PROUDLY SALUTE YOU FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE. Thank you to the NSTP-LTS (Violet) Officers, for being my long-time partners, and for working as a team, to make things responsible, and accountable.

This is the speech which I wasn’t able to deliver because of the brownout that struck the WMSU Gym at around AM. ————— CULMINATING/IMPRESSION SPEECH (NSTP-LTS Violet) By: Mervin G. I would sometimes imagine, reminisce all the things the officers and I have done to make things go smoothly and simple.

So, here’s the full and non-edited speech that I made just for the NSTP-LTS (Violet) under Dr. These times, despite of problems from communications, schedules, unexpected activities, emergency meetings, etc., had been a great challenge for all of us, not to make ourselves of less importance, but to make ourselves as better individuals.

Fellow students, the fifty-four hours we’ve spent in all Sundays were full of life’s great moments – the good, the bad, the fun stuffs, the headaches from all requirements, the sacrifices to extend or render service to the barangay, the sometimes burden to students’ mind kung saan talaga mag-klase, anong oras ang sign-in, or to ask anong gagawin natin this Sunday?

Tangalin, LTS Coordinator and our very own Facilitator, Dr. Today, as we say in Literature, each and everyone’s NSTP Story will be open-ended; it is your own background check that will supply the right answer.

Mga halimbawang kanta’y galling kay Gary Valenciano: Sana Maulit Muli, Di bale Na Lang atbp. Ngayon, ang tingin na sa sa musika ng masa ngayon ay “Jologs” o “Bakya”. Hindi na nakikinig ang mga Pinoy ng nagging uso and Internasyonal na kanta at nawal na ang Kulturang Pilipino.