Dragon Ball is the ever-popular anime series that to date, there are still games produced based on the series.

Even though Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle sounds like it appears to be a traditional fighting game, it is actually a puzzle/adventure game.

Digimon Heroes is a free-to-play card battle game available for i OS and Android users.

Players would need to match 3 cards, preferably of the same color, to attack.

There are more than 1000 Digimon to collect in Digimon Heroes! You can play it with other players too as the game has Pv P feature.

The story in Tales of Link takes place in Liafyse where deities watch over and keeps the peace.

Tales of Link is an RPG game where you can have up to 9 heroes in your battle party.

In addition, you can have up to 3 guardians who act as support characters.

There are 5 different colors and each color represents a different race.

Critical damage can be achieved depending on your card combination.

Besides that, each Digimon has a Main and Leader skill.

Compared to its rival Pokemon, Digimon has more complex illustrations and the monsters look fiercer overall.

However, not all of us enjoy going out and catching Pokemon due to various reasons such as laziness, safety, and weather conditions.