The Warren Commission received an ominous CIA memo that repeated the allegation that Kostikov was “believed to work for Department Thirteen..the KGB...responsible for executive action, including sabotage and assassination.”The JFK metadata shows that the CIA has a secret 167-page file on Kostikov, which could clarify who he really was.


Yet that conclusion is still controversial among intelligence historians.

Some cite Russia’s intervention in the 2016 presidential election as evidence that the CIA counterintelligence has consistently underestimated Russian penetration efforts.

Nosenko was detained and interrogated at two secret CIA detention facilities in Maryland and Virginia.

Held for more than four years without facing legal charges, Nosenko never confessed, despite Angleton’s efforts to break him.

Edgar Hoover that he had “no information” that Kostikov was associated with the KGB’s 13th Department.

The Kostikov file may also reveal more about his contact with Oswald in Mexico City six weeks before JFK was killed.

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He has called global warming a hoax, suggested that Barack Obama is not an American and linked autism to childhood vaccinations. During the 2016 campaign, Trump even claimed, without evidence, that the father of his Republican rival Ted Cruz might have been involved.

And soon, President Donald Trump—America’s most powerful conspiracy theorist—will decide the fate of more than 113,000 pages of secret documents about the ultimate conspiracy theory. Keep up with this story and more Now, on the year marking the 100th anniversary of Kennedy’s birth, Trump will have to decide whether highly anticipated secret JFK assassination files can be released in October as planned.

It cites 44 memoranda, 34 reports, 19 cables, 62 letters and three affidavits, as well as 12 audio cassettes, 23 magnetic tapes, 10 sound recordings and a batch of photographs, apparently taken in Parkland Hospital in Dallas, where JFK was pronounced dead.