I swear she only just managed to stop herself licking her lips, and my nipples tingled at the thought.

She pushed me back onto it by the breasts, and sank to her knees, her hands quickly finding the waistband of my panties.

I lifted my ass, and she had them off in a flash, then quickly parted my knees, revealing my shaved, wet pussy in all its glory.

She knelt in front of me to loop the tape back around to measure my hips, and her face was just inches from my crotch.

I knew she could see my bare pussy lips through the flimsy fabric of my panties. She stood and made a note of my measurements on a little pad, then pulled a box from a shelf.

He's in boring meetings all day, so I've been doing what I do second-best. I'm going to tell you what happened to me this afternoon. Maybe just a professional assessment of my lingerie size, but maybe a little more. I began to browse the elegant assortment of lacy panties and bras arranged tastefully on gilt baroque-style shelving. " "Yes," I said, "I think I would." She led me towards the dressing room at the back of the store, and through a velvet curtain.

I'd already hit his credit cards hard, and was thinking about a manicure, when, down a narrow side street, I spotted some beautiful lingerie in a small shop window. " "Of course, of course," she replied in a sexy accent, "come in, what can I show you? As I came to the exquisite window display that had first drawn my attention, the saleswoman appeared with a tiny cup of coffee. The room was tastefully luxurious, with a large velvet chaise, a few ornate chairs, a drinks cabinet and mirrors on all sides. I shrugged off my light jacket and handed it to her.

I wanted something new for this evening - none of my boyfriends ever see me in the same underwear twice - so I headed down there. She placed it on a small ornamental table and nodded towards the bustier I was admiring. There were lots of tightly-spaced shelves with prettily-packaged boxes of lingerie. She arranged it carefully on a hanger, then turned back to me.

It was one of those exclusive stores where you usually need an appointment, but when the saleswoman saw me coming towards her with my Prada and Gucci shopping bags, she quickly unlocked the door. It was white, with lace trim and pink ribbons between the cups and at the hips. I kicked my shoes off and stepped up onto the raised center circle. Normally, a shop assistant will give a customer privacy while they undress, but not this girl.

I raised my arms, and as she reached around me with the tape, her lips almost brushed my nipples.

Her fingers did touch them as she measured across my bust, and they immediately stiffened.

She pulled out the bustier, handed it to me, then stepped up behind me.