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US hip-hop legend Pete Rock stamps his seal of approval over this hot track with two deep and psychedelic hip hop mixes.

Pete Rock, along with CL Smooth, defined the sound of the genre with early productions such as 'They Reminisce Over You' and 'Act Like You Know' and has collaborated with the likes of Run DMC, Mary J Blige and Shabba Ranks.

US hip-hop legend Pete Rock lends his jazztastic remix skills to Nick Holder's already huge 'No More Dating DJs' track.

This smooth slice of girl power consciousness has been buzzing for months and months, thanks to heavy support from Radio 1.

Leonard Cohen, "Suzanne" (1967) ### "Suzanne" is probably Leonard Cohen’s most covered song after the notorious "Hallelujah." Yet it remains one of the most distinctive examples of the singer’s graceful style, spinning together biblical references, exotic ephemera, and glimpses of decay and unexpected beauty into an achingly complete tale of romantic longing.

Nick Drake, "Time Has Told Me" (1969) ### The first track on the first album by this notoriously unhappy artist is actually a love song — albeit one written to "a troubled cure for a troubled mind." With its jazz chords and Drake's soft, lilting voice, it's a haunting song of gratitude for the one person who brings the singer some sense of tranquility.

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