Recently, I went to a bar with a few people from work, and a couple of female colleagues commented on how smooth I was with a young lady waiting in line to use the bathroom.

Favorite Success Story #1My dating skills have improved dramatically!

Before the Dating Mastery Program, I never thought I would have the ability to see a woman I desired, and then have the ability to approach her and start a conversation. Which I will warn you, leads to a lot of dates : ) Having this new ability makes me feel more confident.

However, during the ten weeks, all my beliefs changed because it actually happened to me.

Chris’s teaching and guidance is like no other, he really cares about his students.

The classes also teaches teamwork, we all help each other get better and help each other in the field. Before taking the mastery class, my beliefs were limited.

I never thought it would ever be possible to make out with a girl in a club and/or even take her home the same night.

Where I used to be tense, I’m now relaxed and at ease with myself.

That alone has drastically improved the quality of my life.

He’ll observe you and give you the right feedback that will get you results.